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Davenant Hall advances and renews Christian wisdom for the digital age. Launched in 2019, our classes allow students to work through classic texts alongside expert guides, developing a firm grasp of God’s Word and his world grounded in the classical Protestant tradition. We offer affordable 10-week courses in the treasures of Scripture, Christian doctrine, and the rich intellectual tradition through which they have flowed down over the centuries–even to the present day.

Three degree programs in


Classes are held over Zoom for 2 hours each week. Students can audit, enroll in our Certificate or M.Litt degree programs, or mix-and-match courses on a for-credit or auditing basis.



8 Tracks

1 year | 12 credits

M.LITT. IN classical Protestantism


Standard Track

2 year | 72 Credits


Pastoral Ministry Track

3 Year | 78 Credits+Practicum


Residential intensives and discipleship weeks at our Davenant House property in the Blue Ridge Mountains are a key component of the M.Litt program, and open for anyone else to attend.


“Davenant Hall gave me the historic foundation I’d always felt I needed but never could find.”

Adam, M.Litt Student

“As a stay-at-home mother of two young children, I didn’t think I had the time or resources to pursue quality theological education. The ability to audit courses through Davenant Hall has offered the depth of study and scholarship I crave, yet with the flexibility and affordability for all seasons of life.”

Kelsey Gentry, Mom and Lay Leader

“I learned how to read the Bible better, and made a spiritual connection with other believers around the world who want to do the same. It’s something you can do from your home, the instruction is excellent, and it’s affordable. It’s so much better a use of time and technology than many other things we can choose. Anyone with a heart to learn and decent reading skills will benefit!”

Michelle (IL), Layperson

“I’m currently in my fifth Davenant Hall course – that alone should say something! The courses complement what I get at church, and enhance my contributions to church life. It’s almost unbelievable to me that I get access to these Teaching Fellows – the value for what I pay is unfathomable. I cannot foresee a time when I won’t be enrolled at Davenant Hall.”

Sunni (LA), Research Scientist

“I’m absolutely delighted that I made the decision to study at Davenant Hall. Each week, I’m guided toward the most influential theologians and philosophers in the Christian tradition, and supported to understand them by subject experts from around the globe. The fact that I can do this in a way that is both flexible and affordable makes Davenant Hall truly unique.”

Jonny Porter (UK), Teacher
Academic year

2023-2024 CALENDAR

Admissions are on a rolling basis; enroll at any point in the academic year.

michaelmas term (fall)

September 25 – December 9, 2023

Hilary term (winter)

January 8 – March 16, 2024

Trinity Term (Spring)

April 8 – June 15, 2024

Summer term

July 1 – August 24, 2024



Auditing ($225/class)

Enroll in individual classes on an Auditor basis: readings, live class participation, but no graded assignments.

Full course Part-time ($399/class)

Register for individual classes on a for-credit basis, and you can later on apply them toward a Certificate or Degree.

full course Full-time ($275/class)

Apply to take for-credit courses toward our Certificate or M.Litt in Classical Protestantism. (Full time students receive a tuition discount per class, and can receive a significant further discount by paying per year in advance.)

Download our 2023-2024 Course Catalog for complete listings.

Trinity Term 2024


Course listings and options vary by term.


I & II Corinthians

Join Joshua Shaw in a careful reading of I & II Corinthians. Students will explore how this rich apostolic epistle turns license and division into liberty and unity.



The Mercy of God in Scripture and Tradition

Join Ryan Hurd and study the mercy of God, to whom alone always being merciful is proper. Students will will consider the “divine name” of mercy.

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Male and Female in Modernity

Dr. Alastair Roberts will consider ways that the transformed material realities of the modern world have altered both how we understand ourselves as male and female, as well as how sexual relations are practiced and conceptualized more broadly

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Introduction to Syriac and Arabic Theology

Join Charles Carman on an introduction to the texts, places, history, and traditions of Middle Eastern Christianity.

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Philosophy as a Way of Life

Join Dr. Joseph Minich as he seeks to explicate the relationship between philosophical discourse and being a philosopher..

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Aristotle Seminar I: Ethics & Metaphysics

Join Tim Jacobs on an introduction to the thought of Aristotle. The course will feature a close examination of Aristotle’s texts, touching on ethics, politics, the soul, and the structure of the universe.

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Early Christian Worship: Ritual and Space in the Ancient Church

Dr. Matthew Hoskin will lead students on an exploration of Christian worship of the Triune God in the earliest centuries both in terms of space and in terms of ritual.

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Moral Theology for Counseling

Join Jim Pocta as he explores how good Biblical counseling seeks the glory of God and goodness for the counseled, offering deliverance from the bondage of sin and its tentacles.. 

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Philosophy of Law

Colin Redemer will lead a study on the intersections of law, ethics, and metaphysics through the lenses of three towering figures: Plato, Thomas Aquinas, and Richard Hooker.

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Language Courses

Davenant Hall students receive a discount on Ancient Language Institute courses. Contact Ryan Hammill at to find out more.

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New courses will be offered each term in a wide range of topics.

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Davenant Distinctives

A New Republic
of Letters

Here at Davenant Hall, we are seeking to re-imagine the medieval university and the early modern republic of letters for the digital age. By harnessing the new powers of the internet to offer effective and flexible online instruction, and the old practices of in-person fellowship and mentorship to seek wisdom together in community, we are building an army of friends to take on the challenges of the twenty-first century.

OUR Instructors


At Davenant Hall, our expert faculty members convene classes on their areas of specialization, while rooting them within the broader tradition of Christian thought. This is just one of the ways we are recreating the medieval university for the digital age.