Summer Residential Programs

Protestant Wisdom Foundations

These 12-day programs offer an intellectual crash course in how to be an intelligent, faithful, and historically-grounded Protestant in the twenty-first century and are required for our M.Litt students.

Two Residential Courses

Are you burnt out on easy answers, searching for a wisdom that is both biblical and historically grounded? Do you wonder how to read God’s two books of His Word and world?

Join us this summer for one of our Protestant Wisdom Foundations courses at Davenant House for a deep dive into how to be an intelligent, faithful, and historically-grounded Protestant in the twenty-first century.

Students will spend twelve days in the beautiful and restful setting of our Davenant House retreat center in the Carolina Blue Ridge foothills: worshipping together, preparing meals together, reading together, debating together, and learning from our team of gifted teachers. Each day’s schedule will also have time for gardening, quiet reflection, and nature walks in the woods.

Reading the Bible and the World

The Lord reveals his glory to us through what many of our fathers in the faith called his “two books”: Scripture and nature. Both lie open to us: the latter sufficient to render us without excuse, the former sufficient to make us wise unto salvation, and both together sufficient to guide our footsteps faithfully on the tortuous paths of discipleship that lie before us.

However, we are fools if we imagine that the clarity of God’s communication to us excuses us from the duty of being good readers. The great calling of every Christian is to grow in our skills of learning to attentively, discerningly, humbly read and interpret God’s revelation in both Scripture and nature, standing on the shoulders and sitting at the feet of the church’s wisdom through the centuries.


Protestantism was once credited with the emergence of individual liberty, constitutional government and the separation of church and state; today it is often maligned for fostering libertine individualism, revolutionary movements, and the secularization of society.

What is the right balance of liberty and authority, and how has Protestantism contributed to this balance over the centuries? How can political power be anchored in the consent of the governed without denying the divine source of all authority? And is there a way to reap the good fruits of Protestantism’s promotion of religious liberty without abandoning public religion altogether?

Looking for an army of friends to pursue wisdom?

Davenant Hall is refounding the medieval university for the digital frontier. That means we are committed to making the best use possible of digital technology to retrieve lost forms of learning, helping students to explore foundational primary texts from Christian history with the guidance of expert lecturers.

Yet we are also committed to the improtance of in-person fellowship in the digital age. The Davenant Institute orginated from a community formed online, but it as developed and sustained itself by ensuring that, in a fragmented age of internet echo chambers, we actually get in the same room together regularly.

This is the vision for Davenant House.

Davenant Hall iS Reimagining

Theological Education.

Would you like to join us? We’d love to hear from you. If you have any further questions about the Certificate program or the application process, don’t hesitate to reach out.