Intro Latin Courses

Residential Intensive Introduction to Theological Latin (Commuter Rate)


This immersive two-week residential course is designed to give Latin beginners a highly accelerated introduction to the Latin language through several hours a day of readings, exercises, lectures, and conversation. By a few days in, you will be expected to speak only Latin during all class sessions, helping you to acquire comprehension and fluency much more rapidly than traditional grammar and translation Latin paedagogy. Students completing this course are encouraged to continue on with one of our online courses over the next year to help them cement and apply what they have learned. This model is perhaps the optimal one for pastors or teachers who expect to have very little free time during the course of the academic year, but who have sabbatical time to devote wholly to language study for a two-week period.

The cost for residential students, which includes full room and board for the duration of the course, is $1,000; commuter students pay just $700.