Residential Courses

Residential Intensive Intermediate/Advanced Latin (May 21-29)

It is one thing to memorize Latin grammar and vocabulary, and another to read historic Latin texts. This course is intended to help Latin students and teachers develop the skill of fluent Latin reading while they also gain experience in spoken Latin and active language pedagogy. The instructor, Michael Spangler, has taught Latin to students of all ages, and he will lead the participants in Latin conversation, recitation, singing, games, and drama, with the largest amount of time spent on careful reading and discussion of brief Latin texts drawn from two millennia of classical and Christian literature.
Registrants will be expected to have completed a full introductory course in Latin grammar, the equivalent of two college semesters or mastery of a beginning textbook (Wheelock, ├śrberg, etc.). A brief entrance exam is required before enrollment. By May 1 registered participants will receive a course packet with the Latin excerpts, which they will be expected to read carefully before the course begins.
Click here to download the syllabus for the course.
Note: No coursework will take place on Sunday, May 27.

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Commuter: $550, Residential: $800