Core, Philosophy

Philosophy for Theology

Taught by Dr. Joseph Minich
Difficulty: Introductory
Runs 1/8 – 3/16/24
$225.00 – $399.00

This course will introduce students to the philosophical grammar that God’s people have found useful throughout the ages in grasping the content of their faith. While this course will be weighted toward a broad survey of scholastic metaphysics, anthropology, and ethics, we will also consider other ancient and modern trends that have helped to illuminate the Christian faith.

Deadline to register: Friday, December 29th

The syllabus for this class is now available. You can access it here.




Auditing ($225):

participate in readings and live class sessions, but no graded assignments and no course credit

Full course (Full-Time Discount) ($275):

for-credit courses (at least four per term) toward our Certificate or M.Litt in Classical Protestantism

Full course ($399):

individual classes on a for-credit basis; you can later apply them toward a Certificate or Degree




This Core/Philosophy course will be taught by Dr. Joseph Minich, and will run from January 8th through March 16th. The syllabus will be posted when available.

This course assumes only the most basic “survey” knowledge of philosophy. The goal is to (re)introduce students to many of the concepts that have informed (and been shaped by!) the project of classical Christian orthodoxy. While our focus will be on the nomenclature of the scholastic tradition, we will (in both lectures and in the final session) seek to supplement this with material drawn from other – particularly modern – philosophical traditions. The goal is to very broadly cover the basic tools that will help you understand classical ontology, epistemology, and anthropology – and to help you identify when these have been (and may further prove) of crucial import in the navigation of theological questions.

Dr. Joseph Minich (Ph.D, The University of Texas at Dallas) is a Teaching Fellow with The Davenant Institute and Editor-in-Chief of The Davenant Press. The founding editor of Ad Fontes, he is also the author of Enduring Divine Absence and a current co-host of the Pilgrim Faith podcast. He lives in Garland, TX, with his wife and four children.


Online only, runs 10 weeks, meeting 2 hr./wk. via Zoom. Students will also have the option to participate in class discussion on the Davenant Common Room Discord server. Register to reserve your spot and schedule will be set after a poll of participating students; if the class time does not fit your schedule, you will be eligible for a full refund.

This is a graduate-level course. Although a BA is not a necessary pre-requisite for this course, students should come prepared to do graduate-level work.

The syllabus for this class is now available. You can access it here.