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Introduction to Theological Latin, Part II (Intensive)

NSA Latin Levels 3 and 4 are now included in our course price! This option offers access to the top-notch NSA Latin program at a lower cost for Davenant Latin Institute students.

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This course, using Levels 3 and 4 of Tim Griffiths’s NSA Latin as the “textbook,” will continue the new, inductive approach to mastering Latin grammar and syntax begun in Part I. At the end of Part II, you should have a firm handle on all the standard grammatical forms of the Latin language, enabling you, with the aid of a lexicon, to read and translate (albeit slowly and with difficulty) most classical and ecclesiastical Latin texts for general comprehension. You will also possess a working vocabulary of nearly a thousand Latin words, with a focus on vocabulary found in the Vulgate and Latin theological texts. Meeting three times a week using WebEx for two hours each over a 4-week period, this course is extremely demanding and should not be undertaken at the same time as other academic study; estimated homework time is around 20 hrs. per week. It is recommended only for those with past language learning experience.

This course will run from 7/13 – 8/7.