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Introduction to Theological Latin, Part I (Flexible)

NSA Latin Levels 1 and 2 are now included in our course price! This option offers access to the top-notch NSA Latin program at a lower cost for Davenant Latin Institute students.

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 This course, using Levels 1 and 2 of Tim Griffiths’s NSA Latin as the “textbook,” will provide a new, inductive approach to mastering basic Latin grammar and syntax. Along the way you will pick up a working vocabulary of a few hundred Latin words, with a focus on vocabulary found in the Vulgate and Latin theological texts. Designed to accommodate students with busy or irregular schedules, it only meets once a month for three hours, and assignments are only due prior to each monthly meeting, though a recommended weekly schedule is provided. This course is strenuous but should be manageable for most graduate and advanced undergraduate students with an average of 8-10 hours to spend each week.