Intermediate Latin Courses

Intermediate Latin Readings: Reformed Confessions, Pt. II

For students who have already learned the Latin grammar system and are eager to develop their Latin skills further, we offer this 2-credit course, Intermediate Latin Readings: Reformed Confessions, Part II.

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This Intermediate course of Latin Readings of Reformed Confessions (Part II) will solidify your knowledge of Latin grammar, strengthen and broaden your vocabulary, particularly for reading theological texts, and improve your translation skills. Additionally, students will sharpen their composition skills.

The primary texts for this course will be the Latin translations of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Heidelberg Catechism. This course will also cover texts relevant to the background and theology of these two monuments of Reformation era theology.

It takes place over the course of four weeks, with two 2-hr. live online classes per week, and 10-12 hrs. of homework per week.