Ethics, Philosophy

C.S. Lewis’s Theology of Love

This item will be released September 11, 2022.

Taught by Dr. Jason Lepojarvi
Runs 9/26 – 12/10/22
$225.00 – $399.00


What is love? Why does love make us vulnerable? Does eros aim at happiness? When does love turn into idolatry? These questions and more are addressed in this course on C.S. Lewis’s key writings about love, in dialogue with both ancient (e.g. Augustine) and modern thinkers of love (e.g. Anders Nygren). The course will also feature two leading scholars as guest lecturers, and make use of Oxford-style tutorials.




Auditing ($225):

participate in readings and live class sessions, but no graded assignments and no course credit

Full course (Full-Time Discount) ($275):

for-credit courses (at least four per term) toward our Certificate or M.Litt in Classical Protestantism

Full course ($399):

individual classes on a for-credit basis; you can later apply them toward a Certificate or Degree




This Literature course will be taught by Dr. Jason Lepojärvi, and will run from September 26th through December 10th. The syllabus is available here.

The Irish-born C.S. Lewis (1898–1963), better known for his Narnia books, is a major influence in especially North American and European Christian culture and centers of learning. One of his lasting contributions is in popular Christian understanding of love and the academic study of the philosophy and theology of love. The “four” loves Lewis famously distinguished were affection, friendship, eros, and charity or agape. Deceptions and distortions can render the first three, the so-called natural loves, dangerous without character and grace. But questions remain. Are there really “four” loves? What is love? Is there really such a thing as superior “Christian” love?

Why does love make us vulnerable? Does eros aim at happiness? When does love turn into idolatry? Lewis may even have a few curious blind spots. The aim of the course is to introduce, and help the student engage, important questions about love, using C. S. Lewis’s versatile literary output as a backdrop. Lewis offers a helpful stepping-stone to both historical (e.g. Augustine) and modern (e.g. Anders Nygren) Christian discussion and debate on love.


Dr. Jason Lepojärvi (pronounced Leh-poh-yar-vee) is a Visiting Teaching Fellow of Theology and Literature at The Davenant Institute, a former Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Thorneloe University, President of the Oxford University C.S. Lewis Society, and Junior Research Fellow in Theology at St. Benet’s Hall in Oxford. Lepojärvi serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Inklings Studies and is regularly invited to speak internationally on The Inklings. His scholarly publications on theology, philosophy, ethics, literature, and politics have appeared in Harvard Theological Review, Religious Studies, and Politics and Religion, among other journals. He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife Lisa and their three small children.




Online only, runs 10 weeks, meeting 2 hr./wk. via Zoom. Students will also have the option to participate in class discussion on the Davenant Common Room Discord server. Register to reserve your spot and schedule will be set after a poll of participating students; if the class time does not fit your schedule, you will be eligible for a full refund.


This is a graduate-level course. Although a BA is not a necessary pre-requisite for this course, students should come prepared to do graduate-level work.